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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

NEW! L'oreal Glam Shine Fresh Lip Gloss

From left to right: Aqua Grapefruit, Aqua Lemon Tonic, Aqua Watermelon, Aqua Lychee, Aqua Curacao, Aqua Pomegranate, Aqua Mandarin 

These are the new Glam Shine Fresh, £7.65, and Glam Shine Fresh 6hr, £8.67, glosses from L'oreal Paris, and they look a tad scary. Inspired by summer-bright cocktails, the new shades have undergone a tropical overhaul and are certainly eye-catching. Pinks and corals? Yes, go for it. Blues and yellows? Not so much. But as with most lipglosses, the colour in the tube does not remotely resemble the colour on the lips, particularly in the case of the 7 new Glam Shine Fresh shades, which actually go on sheer. These colours are not going to create a statement lip - rather the range is designed to create 3-D-looking shine, with a hint of a tone from each shade. In the case of the 5 new Glam Shine Fresh 6hr colours, the pigment is much punchier and longer-lasting. So in a sort of one-woman-try-before-you-buy mission, I decided to test out every single colour in the range to show you exactly what they look like on the lip. As a footnote I should say that the glosses feel extremely hydrating on the lip - that will be the Vitamin C and E-enriched formula then. The heart-shaped wand made application precise and I didn't experience that nasty stickiness of traditional glosses. Hoorah! Sx
Aqua Grapefruit

Aqua Lemon Tonic

Aqua Watermelon

Aqua Lychee

Aqua Curacao

Aqua Pomegranate

Aqua Mandarin

From left to right: Fresh Tangerine, Fresh Cassis, Fresh Lemon Tonic, Fresh Fuchsia, Fresh Grenadine 

Fresh Tangerine

Fresh Cassis

Fresh Lemon Tonic

Fresh Fuchsia

Fresh Grenadine