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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

One to Watch...Collection 2000 Colour Match Foundation

Adaptive makeup has been around for a few years now and judging by the still-persistant influx of skin-matching products, it doesn't show any sign of waning. Take the new Collection 2000 Colour Match Foundation, £5.99. It comes in 5 shades - Ivory, Light, Fair, Natural and Medium - but neglect those with darker skintones. Considering this is adaptive makeup we're talking about, I'm surprised there are so many shades covering such a small spectrum of skintones. It leads me to wonder, exactly how adaptive is it? The press release says it contains 'a unique skin tone technology'. Pretty vague, no? So I decided to perform a little experiment. I applied three blobs of three different shades on my hand then blended each in a straight, vertical line. I was shocked to see that the end result was so monotone. The three shades had 'adapted' to my skin tone so well that I could see no difference in each of the three areas. I will say though, that all of the three shades I tried were too pinky for my olive complexion so this is something to consider when you're testing it out.
Left to right: Ivory, Fair, Natural
Another plus side for a foundation, especially one that costs just £5.99, is it contains SPF20 and a hydrating cocktail of ingredients to keep skin plump throughout the day. And I must say, it feels lovely on the skin and masks blemishes well.
Each blended in their lines
Colour Match Foundation goes on sale at Superdrug from 31st August and Boots from 7th September. Sx


  1. Ooo might have to try this out. After years of searching for the perfect foudation still haven't found one!
    Will be keeping my eyes peeled for this baby!

  2. It's definitely worth a try Charlie. Feels lovely on the skin Sx

  3. Sounds great, I'll look out for it! :)