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Monday, 9 May 2011

NEW! George at Asda Makeup

Wow! George makeup has had a serious glam-over, or should that be a Benefit-over. From the rosy cheek stain, Cheeky Tint!, £3.50, to the pearlescent highlighter, Glow Shine, £3.50, the Asda makeup line bears an uncanny resemblance to the quirky, cult brand. But at a starting price of £1.75, you'd expect George's offerings to be a little lacking on the quality side, right? Not the case. After sampling a selection of the new, updated range, I'm very impressed.

Like Benetint and Posietint respectively, on top of the Rose Cheeky Tint (above), George has also brought out a softer, more subtle shade, called Pink Blossom. I tried the original shade and, while I'm not a massive fan of cheek stains - they never seem to blend well, leaving skin looking blotchy - this was a great budget alternative. The brush was a little stiff so I'd suggest running it under hot water and making more pliable with fingers before use.

I cannot believe this is £3.50! The brush felt a lot softer than the Cheeky Tint, and the formula was satisfyingly thick, without being clumpy. I am a massive fan of Benefit's High Beam so I was always going to be a tricky customer when it came to budget immitations but I applaud George for the soft, pearlescent sheen and easy-to-blend formula. 

Hint of Tint, £5 is a tinted moisturiser with SPF 15, so a great summer buy. I was slightly disappointed with the texture - for a tinted moisturiser, beloved for their lighter-than-foundation-formulas, I found this thick and heavy-feeling. Because of this, though, it gave great coverage for my less-than-perfect complexion.

The range includes eyeshadows, nail polishes, mascaras, bronzer, lipstick and much more. Sx


  1. Wow...I will be making a trip to Asda then!

  2. Yes yes! Cheat-cheap make up for the summer I likey xxx

  3. Yes the rate you go through High Beam Andrea! I'll try and do more of these luxe for less stories, seem popular! Sx

  4. Yeah i have used the moon beam benefits and then the asda take on it and you really cannot see any difference !!! bargain !