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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The Review...Lipsy Fragrance

Last night I attended the launch of Pixie Lott's latest collaboration with Lipsy at Chinawhite. The event was packed with celebrities...Pixie (obvs), the Hoff (in metallic suit), Rochelle and Marvin (hot couple alert), Matt Cardle (same hat then Matt?), Aiden Grimshaw (where Matt goes...), that gardener from Desperate Housewives (shorter than you'd think), Parade (new girl band crush) and Emily Attak (that girl, oh, erm, you know, erm, from The Inbetweeners, erm...). On canape watch, well, there were no canapes to be honest, and the drinks were limited to vodka, rose wine and vitamin water but it didn't dampen the atmosphere.

Pixie's hair had been styled into a half up-half down 'do, with black ribbon entwined in braids, by HOB salon's Claire Dawson (

So it seemed particularly apt, sticking with the Lipsy theme, to review the brand's first forray into fragrance, Lipsy EDT, £25 50ml ( I feel a bit bad about it but I have to confess that I wasn't holding out much hope from the fragrance. This probably has something to do with the fact that I'm not a and pop art-bright body-con aren't exactly a match. But I've been pleasantly surprised by the fragrance. For a start, I do like the heart-shaped bottle. I can see it sitting prettily on many a dressing table. As for the fragrance, well it's equally pretty. For the first minute or so, the scent had a whiff of Versace Red Jeans-about it - all fruity and floral, with undertones of jasmine. Officially, Lipsy's perfume is a mix of pear, orange and ginger with floral base notes of rose and violet. The downside? It only lasted a couple of hours on the skin but if you like your perfumes light, fresh and airy, this is for you. Sx


  1. I've tested this fragrance (twice!) and didn't really like it. You're right, it does smell of Red Jeans at first but then.. It's just a fruity cocktail. It's not a bad cocktail but I like fragrances that have a character. Plus on my skin this faded after an hour or so.
    Oh well..

    Sounds like it was a great event though! :-)


  2. It's definitely one for those who like their perfume on the fresher side. I'm with you though, I'll always choose musks/heavier scents over something this floral. Sx

  3. never tried the fragrance but as you say, its a lovely bottle and would look gorgeous on my dressing table!
    Also am loving Pixies hair braid with the intwined ribbon on the last photo u have of her.. its gorgeous!!