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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

NEW! Sally Hansen 5-in-1 Nail Polish!

Last week I went to the launch of Sally Hansen's new Complete Salon Manicure, £6.95 (Boots), a range of 36 on-trend shades. Revered for its treatment products, this is the brand's first foray, in the UK at least, into colour and I must say, it's pretty impressive, not just in terms of colour (it's rare to find so many covetable shades in a first collection) but as you would expect from a Sally Hansen nail polish, it excels in its formula too, with a nail strengthening cocktail of coral calcium and sea minerals.
'Back to the Fuchsia'
I don't know about you but I can spend a good half an hour perfecting a DIY manicure - from base coat, to two coats of colour, finished off with a final top coat only to find a sizeable chip the next day. Sally Hansen takes the time and effort out of the at-home mani as each nail colour contains the aforementioned strengthener and growth treatment, along with a base coat, colour and top coat. The pigment is impressive too but you will need two coats for maximum impact. I chose the decidedly summery 'Back to the Fuchsia' and the hot pink colour lasted a whole two days with no chips. Even on day 3 and 4, the chips were so minor that other people wouldn't have noticed them. I think I might have found a nail polish future classic!

Best Tressed Colour Picks...


I Pink I Can

Pat on the Black

Yellow Kitty

Navy Baby
At the launch, I was treated to a nail analysis with Nutritional Therapist, Shirley Ward. Apparently, my flaky nail tips and faint half moons mean I'm lacking on the mineral and water intake. I've included a list of nail traumas and their nutritional meaning from Shirley below so see what your nails say about you...

* Lack of half moons: can suggest slow metabolism; digestive issues may be experienced

*Vertical ridges: can suggest minerals from food are not being absorbed and used efficiently

*White spots: can suggest inadequate levels of zinc and/or poor absorption of calcium

*Pale/white nails: can suggest poor blood circulation, dehydration or over-consumption of animal products

*Peeling nails: can suggest potential mineral deficiencies; over-consumption of mineral-depleting foods may be implicated

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