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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

New Professional-At-Home Haircare Line

I was first introduced to Scott Cornwall's 'Bring the Salon Home' range a few months ago. The range tackles almost every sort of hair dilemma - the sorts of dilemmas that, until now, you would have had to run to the salon (in a balaclava) to fix. Colouring your hair at home? Use the B4 U Colour to prep the hair first. Sick of your frizzy or curly hair? Str8 Forward permanently straightens locks at a snip of the price of 'Brazilian Blowdry' treatments. The range even includes a Foil Effects Cap so you can get salon-esque highlights or lowlights at home.
Despite this, if I'm being totally (in fact, brutally) honest, I wasn't expecting much from the range. The packaging is a little flimsy and tacky. Plus I've got a 'thing' about text speak in products. Moreover, at under £12 the price point for the range is just too low to get the kind of results the brand promises...or so I thought...last week I tried Colour B4 Regular, £9.99 (Boots) a treatment that claims to strip the hair of aritificial colour, and I'm seriously indebted to the brand. As you Best Tressers know, I am forever testing new hair colourants. My poor hair is subjected to an onslaught of chemicals, not to mention so many layers of colour I can't remember what my natural hue looks like.

Without getting too bogged down in the science, it works by shrinking the colour molecules within the hair so that they can be easily rinsed out. It's worth noting though that the Colour B4 will not strip bleached colour. The process is quite lengthy (I was in the bathroom for about an hour) but simple to follow. It was incredibly satisfying to see the colour wash out of my hair. Once dried, my hair did look lighter, with a lovely warm, reddy tint (the instructions do warn you this can happen and suggest putting a colour over the top). I happen to love the new colour - I've even had a few compliments. I would definitely use this again - I'm almost tempted to have another go soon to see if I can get any more colour out. I expected it would leave my hair feeling dry but actually my hair was shinier than it's been in a long time. I'm yet to try the other products in the range but the words 'don't' 'judge' 'book' and 'cover' spring to mind. Sx


  1. Maybe I need to invest and get this 'not very dark brown, in fact more of a reddy brown' out of my hair! I want my beachy hair back! Although the red tone bit scares me...

  2. Yeah I reckon it will leave it reddy. Fine for my hair as it's naturally red-toned in the light, but yours is definitely a lot lighter, and cooler. Sx

  3. Oh poo, reckon it's a hairdresser trip then. Not happy! x

  4. I took the plunge and used this! It appears to have given me weird highlights where there weren't any but overall really pleased...except with the lingering egg smell that's still there after 2 days...!! x