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Monday, 17 January 2011

The Golden Globes...Beauty's Winners and Losers

Awards ceremonies truly excite me. Not the 'who wins what' element (I really couldn't care less, it's never the films I like anyway...'Wild Child' anyone?), rather who wore what! Most television programmes will be talking about who was bang on trend and, err, who wasn't (yes you, Bonham-Carter!) but I want to give a beauty summary, from the new just-in-time hairstyles to the most on-trend lipstick, in a countdown (how exciting!) of my best and worst 3.

Check out the pictures, courtesy of The Daily Mail, here...

The Best
No.1 - Sandra Bullock. She's had a tough year, yes, but Sandra's walking proof that a hair tweak can give you a new lease of life. Those heavy bangs knock a decade off the 46 year old (what?), while the nude lips and black kohl-rimmed eyes look timeless yet trendy. Appropriately placed next to Scarlett Johansson on the web page (is she dating Ryan Reynolds?), she blows the wishy-washy 26 year old out of the water. 10/10

No.2 - January Jones. Not a million miles away from her Mad Men alter ego, Betty Draper, but who cares when you look this gorgeous? Sectioned with a deep side parting (a key trend for this coming season), her shoulder-length locks have been styled into a gentle 50s wave. The matching red lipstick looks classic but on-trend all at once.

No.3 - Anne Hathaway. Apart from wearing one of the top dresses of the night, she's got it spot on with hair and makeup. Caramel highlights have brightened up her dark brunette locks and have been styled just right - with a softly tousled wave and a simple one-sided ear tuck to formalise the style. FYI, her rose-coloured lipstick is bang on trend for S/S11!

The Worst (it seems to obvious to put H.B.C in the top spot and I don't like to be predictable)
No. 1 - Jennifer Lopez. Does this girl ever do any other hairstyle apart from the Aylesbury facelift (I live here so I can say this. I've seen these scraped back ponytails first-hand)? It also looks like she's made a bit of a faux pas with her concealer - see the white-ish area under her eyes. She's still boring Jenny from the block.

No.2 - Angelina Jolie. Love the dress, hate the hair. If you have a fringe, then use it. Don't just sweep it the side, hoping it will fall into some incredible style. It won't. And as for the makeup, with such a bright, eye-catching dress, it's right her makeup should be on the subtle side, but this ghostly look does nothing for her. A nod to the S/S11 contouring trend would've worked much better. 

No. 3 - Christina Hendricks. I feel worse with every key I type but Christina, I have to do this. Up until now, there hasn't been a moment when I haven't coveted your flame-red locks or alabastre complexion, but I'm afraid I can't let that hair go unpunished. To team a frilly-shouldered dress with frilly poodle tresses is a mighty no-no. There, I've said it. Phew. Sx


  1. Anne Hathaway and Leighton Meester are my personal this!!!

  2. Leighton just annoys me because she could always do better. I think her hair looks messy. Sx