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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Let your face breathe

I just got sent a sample of the revered Karin Herzog Oxygen Face Cream, £35 ( I've been dying to try it, especially since discovering Kate Middleton is not only a fan of the face cream, but is reported to credit her glowing complexion to Karin's oxygen facials.

The face cream contains 2% Oxygen to flush out spot-causing bacteria and leave skin radiant. I was surprised how thick the cream was. Not a negative discovery, in fact, it felt blissfully indulgent. On my first application, my skin did tingle everso slightly but this soon subsided after a minute or so. For a day cream, it does take a little while to soak in but as long as you give yourself enough time in the morning, it won't leave your skin shiny or greasy-feeling. I've been using the cream for a few days now and while my skin feels a little softer and certainly looks healthy, I haven't noticed a great improvement in blemishes. I'm hoping to see visible results over the coming fortnight. Will keep you posted Best Tressers. Sx


  1. Hi
    I am also dying to try this product, how can I get hold of a sample?? I am reluctant to spent quite a lot of money on another cream that might not work for me:-/

  2. Hi there,
    I'm not sure the brand have tester samples. The best thing to do would be contact customer services via the website and enquire. Thanks, Sx