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Monday, 31 January 2011

The Scentinail

Pink = Bubblegum, Orange = Mad About Mango (the lemon shade isn't a scented polish but a preview of one of their SS11 colours)

My boyfriend quite likes the smell of nail polish but while I don't find it abhorrent, I can't say it's a trip to the perfume counter. Imagine then, a nail polish that doesn't only avoid that chemical-heavy scent but actually smells, erm, nice! Cue Revlon Scents of Summer Nail Enamel, £6.49, a collection of 8 fluoro shades, each with its own fruity fragrance.

On application, you won't notice a difference - the polish still smells quite strong. But once dried, it takes on a subtle fruitiness like Refresher sweets, you know? Aside from the pleasant scents, the colour boasts amazing pigment (the pink and orange shades are the result of a single coat). The limited edition polishes go on sale in March so if you fancy all-out summery nails, get down to Boots quick. Sx

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