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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Try a Trend...Leopard-print nails

Okay, so I might have cheated just a little bit but, really, why would you spend time trying to achieve an intricate leopard print pattern with nail art pens when you can simply stick one on with Nail Rock Animal Print Designer Nail Wraps, £6.50 (

I must confess, I did think these would be a little easier to apply than they turned out to be. To prepare the nail, you have to file, strip any polish and remove any surface shine to make sure the glue sticks. After trimming each pad to the correct size, place at the cuticle edge then apply heat from a hairdryer. Press down firmly on one side then apply heat again. Press down the other side. Apply heat again then apply firm pressure to the whole nail. Next, trim and file off the excess wrap in a downwards motion.

Each pack comes with two full sets, including two extra large wraps so that you can also apply a set to your toes. To remove you simply apply more heat and gently peel off. I'm 24 hours in and one wrap has come off already. The process is fiddily - great if you have a manicurist on standy by - but I'm sure will become easier with practice. Perhaps the wraps are more style over substance, but they are pretty fabulous! Sx

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