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Friday, 4 February 2011

Noise from the boys III: So Fresh,So Clean

Choosing to try a minty shower gel is an act akin to choosing to take up kickboxing, or eating a sandwich that you just found lying around. Chances are it will be an enjoyable experience, but there is also the chance of getting a quasi-unpleasant and confusing shock. In the past when I've opted for the menthol option at bathtime, the resulting minty tingle has offered a harsher wake-call than I'd been expecting. Whilst almost every shower gel that has ever existed seems to be marketed as either energising, invigorating or refreshing, it's the minty ones that can make these words seems like threats once you've tried them. There's no delicate way of putting the point that I'm trying to make here, in short, menthol shower gel can leave certain gentlemanly regions so refreshed as to turn a shower into an act of masochism, once said regions come into contact with cooler air. However, after all of that akward preamble I'm happy to report that Anthony Logistics for Men have found just the right balace with their Peppermint Body Cleansing Gel, £22 ( Here is a product which manages to refresh without creating uber-freshness that freaks you out. More candy-cane than XXX Strong Mints, this product sets you up for the day, or a night out with a gentle, encouraging nudge of cleansing refreshment rather than a bucket of ice-water and a cruel shove into a Baltic snowdrift. Classy packaging and natural ingredients abound to make this a shower gel you would actually be glad to recieve as a gift. Plus, a little goes a long way. The single 355ml (12 fl oz) bottle has lasted for actual ages (I was meant to write this review in early December, and yes I do shower daily, not like a tramp.) Anyway, if you want to be freshness and cleanliness without the tears, then this is a wise choice indeed .........Hey look, a sandwich..........E

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