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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Bath bombs turn chic

It looks like a cupcake. It smells like a cupcake (sort of). But bite down on it and you'll crack your teeth. Actually this glitter-flecked cake-imposter is a bath bomb, or bath melt, if you will. Designed by aromatherapist, Caroline Rose, the Rose & Co Patisserie de Bain Bath Melts, from £10, have just launched into  House of Fraser's beauty emporium, the Apothecary.

In the name of research I just took a nice bath - it's a hard life - and plopped in my strawberry-flavoured melt. Unlike giant bath bombs, which bubble violently underneath the water's surface, this bath melt's exhalation was more of a gentle fizz and lasted 5 minutes. It left the water slightly cloudy but gladly didn't leave those annoying chunky floral bits that brands have convinced themselves are a nice touch...not when your bath feels chalky for days and you have to scoop them out of the plughole, thank you very much! I couldn't really detect much of a framboise fragrance whilst submerged but once I got out my skin had a subtle strawberry scent. The melts release a hydrating cocktail of shea and cocoa butter with almond oil and I definitely feel the benefits. My skin is super soft and everso slightly greasy-feeling, the type of feeling you get after applying a body oil. Still, I don't quite know what to make of these. At £10 for 3 they're on the dear side and while my skin did feel soft, it's nothing a good slick of moisturiser wouldn't achieve. By the end I was sort of missing that violent fizz...Sx

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