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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Topsy Tail Hairstyling Tool Tutorial

Bizarrely, this little hair twiddling tool arrived at my door last week. I say bizarrely because there was no press release or note included in the package. After a little research, I found the Scunci Topsy Tail Hairstyling Tool online at for a measley £3.99. Great start! The pack contains the original topsytail, as well as a small version, aka the topsytail jr.  For a quick tutorial, please see the video below.

Now, it must be said that this was just one of the many styles available, according to the instruction leaflet. Perhaps the hair band wasn't as tight as it should have been. And yes, using a mannequin head probably wasn't the best idea. But I'm kind of underwhelmed. I used to topsy-tail my own hair by simply styling in a low ponytail, creating a small gap behind the band, then feeding the pony over and through said gap. Easy.

And is it me or is this sort of hairstyling tool a little outdated in a world of bed-head waves and loosely tousled updos? We want our 'dos to look more like don'ts, as if we've spent 20 seconds tying it up in a perfectly dishevelled style. Sadly, this Topsy Tail tool is just too twee for me. Sx

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