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Monday, 7 February 2011

The new Batiste Tones

For someone with near black hair (NEAR black, not black, very, very dark brown) finding a dry shampoo that won't turn my hair a ghoulish shade of white is up there with the search for the perfect pair of jeans, i.e. a mission.

Batiste, arguably the Rolls Royce of dry shampoo (despite the minor price tag), has always succeeded, refreshing and revolumising my hair without that inevitable powdery finish. So the launch of the new Batistse Tones Dry Shampoo, £3.05 (Boots), seemed like the UK's number 1 dry shampoo brand was going one step further to address this problem. The shampoos contain a hint of colour to thoroughly disguise greasy roots as well as 'blending in regrowth on coloured or highlighted hair and can even disguise stray greys too,' according to the press release.

Of the three shades - light and blonde hair, medium and brunette hair and dark and deep brown hair - I obviously opted for the darkest one. After reading the instructions - shake the can vigorously, spray roots 30cms away from hair, massage with fingertips and brush - I began spritzing. Within 10 seconds my roots were grey and I'd aged 30 years.

Even after rubbing in and brushing, my roots still looked a little powdery and I ended up having to wash my hair...totally. defeated. the. point. As for masking the odd grey, more like enhancing greys! As with all Batiste shampoos, the spritz was refreshingly powerful and easy to direct into roots but the scent was quite sickly - it reminded me of The Spice Girls Impulse body spray I had when I was 11. I just find it baffling that the regular Batiste dry shampoo leaves no visual residue, yet the new tones do. It would be interesting to see how blondes fair with the light dry shampoo but I'll definitely be sticking to the original Batiste Sx

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