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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Leona gets a va-va-voom-over

Wowza! Leona Lewis is near unrecognisable at the premiere of Justin Bieber's new film, 'Never Say Never'. Gone are the quaint curls and honey-highlighted locks, in favour of poker straight brunette tresses and eye-skimming bangs. Check out the pictures here -

It seems LA has gone to Leona's head, literally. In fact, she wouldn't look out of place alongside the Kardashian sisters. Call me nostaligic, but I kind of miss Leona-lite.  As I'm sure many of you will agree, Leona has the sort of feline eyes you'd give your right arm, or at least your right eye, for. But while fringes are usually a great tool for drawing attention to peepers, Leona's heavy, blunt fringe is simply too long to flatter. This new look just seems a little contrived to me(that Gaga-esque dress doesn't help perhaps). What do you think Best Tressers? Share your thoughts on Leona's new 'do in the Tress Factor poll. Sx

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