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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

NEW! Revlon A/W Nail Shades

Nail fads may come and go but the brand responsible for the invention of polish, Revlon, will remain a constant. True, its classic shades, high gloss finish and budget price point have made Revlon a steadfast fave of mums and grandmas, but something has been stirring for a little while now, which is about to catapult the brand into the proverbial polish stratosphere. It really just begun with the launch of the totally tropical Scented Nail Enamels, which have injected a little bit of fun and freshness back into the brand.

On top of that, the brand have just announced a new collaboration with top and importantly UK-based celebrity manicurist, Jenny Longworth, who is currently bewjewlling the nails of Jessie J. Trendy, or what! Yesterday I saw a sneak peek of the new A/W Top Speed Nail Enamel collection and it's as hip as Alexa's arm candy. On top of the new quick-drying formula (yes, it really is touch-dry in a minute!), the colours are totally lust-worthy -  there's a mushroomy, greige that screams catwalk and a bright royal blue that will look fabulous on pale skin. I opted for the icy-blue Cloud, dotted with Guava. Amazing! My lovely manicurist used a metal stick to achieve the look but according to Jenny, you can achieve the look at home with a cocktail stick. That's my bank holiday weekend sorted! Sx

Tip from the top...instead of using a cotton bud soaked in remover to clear up excess polish, my manicurist used the Revlon concealer brush, £5.99 (Boots) dipped in polish! Its tapered bristles mean you can be more precise and accurate and there's no need to worry about getting cotton wool stuck in your mani!

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