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Friday, 15 April 2011

Garnier Style Trends

Tired of the same old summer styles? I know I am. I rely on side ponytails and pinned back bangs to get me and my tresses through balmy days and quite frankly, I'm a little bored. Inspired by the new vibrant Garnier Ultra Color shades, super stylist and brand ambassador, Oliver Woods, has created three on trend styles for summer using the new Fructis styling products. So put down the sea salt spray and step away from that tiresome low ponytail. It's time to pick a new style for summer. Sx

The Halo Plait
Suits: Blondes

"This style works particularly well on multi-dimensional blonde hair for a beautiful summery style full of contrasting textures and colours."

1. "To give the hair workable texture, apply mousse or the new Garnier Fructis Style Camouflage Paste, £2.99, for coarser hair. Work in a walnut sized amount into damp hair and dry roughly with a hairdryer. Part your hair as you wish, then take hold of the first section of hair at the top of the head, and separate into three small sections."

2. "Begin plaiting, taking the first piece underneath the next and repeating. It's important to go underneath rather than over the top of each piece like a normal braid, which would sit too high for this style. We want the plait as flat to the head as possible."

3. "Repeat on the other side and tuck both braids under each other where they meet, secured down at the nape of the neck with bobby-pins to create the appearance of one continuous braid."

3. "Pinch the flat hair at the front of the style to tease in extra texture and to loosen the look. Finish by misting with the hairspray."

The Flo Wave
Suits: Redheads

"Bright, bold red hair cries out for texture. A single sheet of vivid red hair can look one dimensional and flat."

1. "Prep hair by turning your head upside down and massaging a handful of Fructic Style Curl Definition Mousse into freshly washed roots. Dry your hair roughly in all directions. Blast cold air at the roots to add volume."

2. "Partition the dry hair into manageable sections, securing the sections you aren't working on with a hair band. To curl hair, use a wide-barrel curling iron. Starting with one section, take a 1-inch portion of hair and wrap around the barrel. I recommend alternating the direction of the curl for each section to make the curls look more natural. Release the curl after about 5-10 seconds, release and you should have a corkscrew curl."

3. "Remove any nozzles from the hairdryer and gently loosen the waves with cool air. You can also separate curls by running your fingers roughly through the hair, pulling gently down to give a roughed up look."

4. Fix the style with the new Fructis Style Crystal Resist Hairspray Volume, £2.69, which is 24hr humidity resistant and enriched with crystal mineral to give your style long-lasting hold and brilliant shine."
The Sleek-a-Boo Pony
Suits: Brunettes

"A ponytail is a glossy brunette's best friend. This looks like an ordinary pony from the front, but has added detail which not only looks intricate but makes the ponytail move with a satisfying swish and swing."

1. "Blow dry your hair back directionally and secure with a band into a tight ponytail. A walnut sized amount of the new Garnier Fructis Camouflage Gel, £2.99, will go a long way to smooth down any stray hairs. For a super straight ponytail, flat iron the ponytail itself too."

2. "Divide the ponytail in two and then, one section at a time, twist the top 3 inches of each section inwards until they're wound tightly."

3. "Join the two twisted sections together, and fasten with another band."

4. "Finish with a touch more Camouflage Paste, £2.99, to smooth the pony and a light mist of hairspray."

Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color, £5.49 (nationwide) is available now Sx

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