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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Noise from the Boys V: What God Smells of.....

I'm not afraid to say that I bloody love David Beckham, as far as man-crushes go he is in the top three for sure. So writing about this fragrance I'm faced with the double-threat challenge of not talking too much about football and not going on about how much of a magical guy Beckham is, so here goes.... Instinct Ice is a new spin on David Beckham's original Instinct fragrance, I mean remember when he scored that free kick against Greece in 2001, that thing looped in as if it were riding a golden rainbow, and in stoppage time too, so brilliant....Okay sorry, this thing smells proper fresh, it isn't overpowering, in fact it's quite subtle. The sort of scent that could compliment any other product you may be wearing on a night out, I would imagine it would mingle well with any shower-gel, hair product or moisturiser to give you a fresh and inviting overall scent-package.

I have to say I'm not entirely convinced by the name - the addition of "Ice" to any product seems like a lazy move by a marketing team to suggest freshness, which this does have by the way. But it also has slightly rounder aromatic notes when it dries down - a warm freshness I suppose, an edgy blend of cool and hot....just like Beckham, man, he is so awesome. Anyway they shouldve called it "David Beckham Instinct Golden Genius" or "Instinct Jesus", the possibilities were endless. As entrenched as I am in Camp Beckham I still do however have slight reservations about the prospect of actually telling people I'm wearing David Beckham, it seems somehow unclassy, even though he is a style icon. I'm not sure even the man himself would rock into a room and announce that he smells of himself. Call me a snob but it just doesn't quite sit right with me. Having said that, I would gladly drop Beckham's name over any other sportsman. Seriously, imagine what Ashley Cole's scent would be like (balls probably) or the smug reek of Eau de John Terry, no thanks. In summation then, I expected this to not be great but actually it is a decent fragrance, maybe not a favourite but still a good utility DB, great up front or on the wing or in midfield.... and for £15 it is a steal, even if I would still keep quiet about what it was. Regardless, until Gareth Bale releases a fragrance, Beckham will always be the one for me (don't tell anyone). E

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