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Friday, 19 August 2011

Noise from the Boys VII: BANGtidy

I’m not exactly an expert on the matter but as far as I can tell, the folks at Marc Jacobs know cool. An obvious point perhaps when discussing a big-hitting designer brand, but I feel it is a point I must emphasise in discussing BANG BANG for men, here’s why… There are lots of cool things about designer fragrances. Aside from the glaringly obvious ones like they make you smell nice, the brands carry the same prestige as they would if you were wearing their clothing, they make girls like you more, etc. But ultimately what is cool about fragrances is the range of subtleties and artfulness that form the whole package. There is no single definition of what is cool, it is a nebulous and flexible concept. What is cool changes depending on who you ask, what era you grow up in, where you’re from and any number of other variables. Similarly, fragrances that are cool vary in many ways; there are subtle, sophisticated scents that come in heavy, minimalist bottles; vibrant energetic scents that come in streamlined, metallic containers. And then there are the off-the-wall scents that just seduce you and you can’t explain why, as well as everything in between. BANG BANG, somehow manages to be sophisticated, vibrant and enigmatic in one, and a frankly sensational package.

Looking at the bottle - an aggressive, sharp, metallic blue sculpture - you could be forgiven for thinking that BANG BANG was going to smell brutal. The design concept is instantly engaging - a simple shape made exciting with a bold twist. This perfectly complements the fragrance itself. Think sophistication and elegance shot through with something fresh and invigorating. BANG BANG is a striking combination of fresh citrus notes riding on top of a smooth musky base. Like an enigmatic stranger in a classy bar, the zesty elements grab your attention and the softer, woody follow-through keeps you engaged for the rest of the evening, and before you know it you’ve been banged (sorry I had to do it sometime). This fragrance plays with the ideas that make up the cool spectrum - it has the balls to be overstated and bold in its presentation, and then confounds expectations with a complex and dynamic final product that is both subtle and striking. Since I picked this up I haven’t used another fragrance. BANG BANG is many things - a man for all seasons, a one night stand - but it is certainly cool.

Marc Jacobs Bang Bang EDT, £51 100ml, launches next week (stockist 0800 652 7661). E

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