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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Rihanna ditches the red

There's something a bit different about Rihanna. No it's not the latest barely-there ensemble (though I do admit, it's hard to miss), rather her trademark fiery locks have vanished in favour of a near black-to-warm brown root stretch. You can see the pictures here -

It occurred to me a little while ago that Rihanna seems to coordinate her tresses with her latest album - during the 'Good girl Gone Bad' era, RiRi sported a raven-coloured, poker-straight bob, 'Rated R' was all about the hard, edgy blonde crop, whilst 'Loud' has seen a switch to a softer, warmer look (my personal fave). Could this new hue be a clue as to the style of her next album? Answers on a postcard please. Sx

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