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Monday, 13 June 2011

NEW! Bourjois Intense Eyeshadows

Bourjois' single eyeshadows are one of the most iconic products in beauty. I don't know a makeup bag that hasn't at one time been graced with the presence of these cult pots. Their latest eyeshadow installment features revved-up pigment and long-lasting colour in the form of the brand's new Intense Eyeshadows, £6.99. The formula is as silky as you would expect from a Bourjois eyeshadow but the shades are, as the name would suggest, far more intense. I tested a few shades on my arm below - the dark shades are long-wearing and highly-pigmented. The paler colours, however, are lacking on intensity but are pretty and shimmery. The new Intense Eyeshadows go on sale this Wednesday Sx

From top: 01 Golden Beige (just visible), 08 Sienna Brown, 09 Mocha Brown, 06 Petrol Blue, 10 Charcoal Black 


  1. I actually like the Golden Beige. Although it is very light it appears to have a gorgeous sparkle, would be great paired with bold red lips xx

  2. Oh definitely, it still is very pretty, particularly on the inner corner of the eye. Sx