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Monday, 6 June 2011

The Best Tresster Review...Avon Advance Techniques Professional Hair Colour

A couple of months ago, Avon launched a new 3-step colourant, Advance Techniques Professional Hair Colour, £6 ( with the help of
celebrity hairdresser, Andrew Barton. The hair dye begins, crucially, with a primer, which helps eliminate uneven, patchy colour. After the colourant has been applied and rinsed, the final step involves an intensive treatment to lock in both colour and moisture. Putting the new dye to the test is this week's Best Tresster, Natalie Maylor, 20, from Aylesbury...

"When I heard Avon were launching hair colourants I have to admit I got quite excited - having a mum who is an Avon lady makes you very pro-Avon. My hair is naturally dark brown but I've been dyeing it very light brown for the last couple of months ready for the summer. I tried the very dark blonde shade of Avon's range (7.3 Deep Golden Blonde).

The box itself came with the usual contents: gloves (which were much tighter and better-fitting than other brands' gloves), packet of conditioner, bottle of dye which you mix with the tube of colour. Unusually for a colourant, it also came with a pre-colour primer, which was easy to use and definitely made my colour look more even. When applying the colourant, the smell was quite strong and overpowering. I left the dye on for half an hour and washed it out with the post-colour conditioning treatment provided. The colour was definitely lighter and looked similar to the front of the box. However, there are warm tones to this specific shade - several of my friends think I've dyed it ginger - so next time I'd probably go a few shades lighter to get the dark blonde shade I want. Overall, my colour was glossy, healthy-looking and even so Avon Hair colour gets a thumbs up from me!" 4/5

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