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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

What's Up, Curl Friend?

I am becoming increasingly impressed with Umberto Giannini haircare. I've always loved the scents but the non-greasy, frizz-fighting serums and uber nourishing conditioners show there's more than just great fragrance to the brand. Last night I tried the Curl Friends range for the first time. I have to confess, I was dubious. Having naturally wavy hair, I've grown up sporadically investing in curl-specific products. There's a reason why it's always been so sporadic...the trade-off for defined curls is crispy, straw-like texture. Bad curl products! Bad!

Thankfully, I had nothing to worry about it with U.G. The Silky Curls Intensive Mask, £4.89 (Boots) has a lovely, gloopy consistency (and FYI, it smells deliciously fresh and airy). After a 3 minute sesh, I could feel how silky and smooth my hair felt. Better yet, my quick post-wash brush was effortless, near knot-less. Hoorah!

The Smoothy Curls Anti-Frizz Serum, £4.89, was a lot thicker than other brands so I was nervous. Despite having wavy, frizz-prone hair, I normally steer clear of serums because I hate that greasy, lank feeling. Again, I was pleasantly surprised. I applied a 20p sized amount to the lengths and ends and let my hair dry naturally. I kept clutching at my roots to see if I could trace any greasiness, but nothing. The shine, too, is worth mentioning. Whenever I leave my hair to dry naturally, rather than straightening it, I do sacrifice on shine. Whether it's the mask or serum (perhaps both) my curls look glossy and healthy.

Finally, I finnished with the Hold Me Curl Hairspray, £4.89, a lovely, lightweight, humidity-proof spritz. 24 hours into the curlathon and my bounce and smoothness is still very much noticeable. Thanks Umberto Giannini - you've rocked my curls Sx

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