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Friday, 3 December 2010

Party. Party. Party

Last night, I was kindly invited by Remington to a party thrown by ITV at the Movies to celebrate the release of the new film, 'Burlesque'. The hair-styling gurus were sponsoring the event at the super-plush Mayfair hotel and boy, what a parade of 'celebrities' it was.
Me and some random, almost-naked blokes
The party was hosted by semi-WAG, Lizzie Cundy, who perfomed her MC duties with aplomb as she introduced the acts, which included burlesque show (we missed the performance as we were STILL at the bar), some random female singer and finally X Factor finalist, John Adeleye. Managed to get a sneaky conversation with John - he's rooting for Rebecca to win and says the judges' bickering is all for the cameras. This week on canape watch we had mini quiches (I hate quiche), amazing little sausages with a mashed potato filling, and vegetable spring rolls. The gin and vodka based cocktails were tasty...a little too tasty as 3 hours in the bar ran out of booze! Some poor bloke had to leg it to Sainsbury's to restock. 
Lou and me with Gavin
Other famous faces included Sam Fox (she really is tiny), Elen Rives (she really is thin) and Joe Calzaghe (he really is tonk). Another spot was Aaron from S Club Juniors. Now I know what you must be thinking - how would I spot a bloke who, in his celebrity-prime, was just a boy? Well I wanted to enter the CBBC competition to be in S Club Juniors, but sadly, was a few months too old. Needless to say, I kept a very close eye on the band and what could have been my career. That and he's rumoured to be dating Frankie from the Saturdays.
Gavin Henson was very popular with the guests. Lou tells me when we had our picture with him, he said, 'thank you ladies.' What a polite young man! Next spot was Duncan from Blue. Then Lee from Blue. They were walking out when I clocked the time Lee was walking in front of me, I let out a hysterical gasp/scream. Of course, he stopped, probably to check I wasn't having some sort of medical fit. He was nice. Shorter than I expected. God, I still love Blue. Sx

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