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Monday, 21 November 2011

House of RUSH opening

A couple of weeks ago I attended the launch party of uber salon, House of RUSH on Piccadilly. This will be the flagship salon for the ever-growing RUSH chain and my what a salon it is.The aesthetic is super luxe, with gold ventian mirrors and crystal chandeliers. Plus, there's a separate section for beauty treatments, with rooms for Bliss (FYI, it's the first time Bliss have gone outside of their own spas), Rodial and Elemis. It's a real return to an era when getting your hair done was about indulging yourself in 'me' time, rather than a quick nip in and out into a salon that crams in as many clients as possible in one day.  The House of RUSH certainly puts the treat back into hair treatment! Sx

Keisha Buchanan and Liz McLarnon


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