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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

I'm back!

Hello Best Tressers,
Oh how I've missed you. Apologies for the severe lack of posting over the last few months. I've been covering at Woman's Own magazine, which has been fabulous, but not left much time for blogging about the latest launches.

After the sale
Let's begin with some good news. A couple of months ago, I ran another beauty sale and boy was it a big one! So much so, we managed to raise a staggering £300 for the East Africa Food Crisis Red Cross appeal - and with gift aid, that took it up to £370! Massive thanks must go to the lovely Hayley for providing her abode, cake-making skills and some rather fancy carrier bags (yes, we do beauty sales in style!). Thanks also to everyone who came - without you and your unwavering lust for mascara, tan and hairspray, we wouldn't have raised such an incredible amount for such a worthy cause. Final thanks go to all the fabulous PRs who are kind enough to send out samples - I'm so grateful for all your support. Sx

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