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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Artistic Colour Gloss Polish The Review

On Friday night, I had my Blackberry stolen by some scrote (that's an actual Police term, don't you know?). As promised, I was keeping a day-by-day video diary of my long-lasting manicure (read the write-up here - on said mobile so sadly I am unable to give you photographic evidence of the results. I can, however, give you an in-depth verbal account. I have to start by saying I'm a little disappointed.

Last recorded day - day 5
It was last Wednesday when, 7 days into my Artistic Colour Gloss manicure, I noticed the beginnings of a chip on my left index finger. After a bath on day 8, the polish appeared to be lifting away from the nail edge. I knew then that this was the beginning of the end of my perfect manicure. Up until this point I had felt confident and carefree, typing away on my laptop without fear of chippage, washing up without a worry of flaking. On day 9, I noticed another chip on my right middle finger, and by day 10 the chips were so significant that I decided to paint over them for a night out. It's worth mentioning, though, that this is another pro about the manicure - if you get bored, you can paint over the colour and remove with regular nail polish without taking off the manicure.
Considering the manicure is said to last up to three weeks, I'm a little disappointed that I only managed 7 days of pristine, flawless nails; 10 days before I absolutely had to paint over them for fear of looking scruffy. On the plus side, the manicure did remain as glossy, as healthy-looking throughout my trial. I do have quite weak, short nails so perhaps this mani would last longer on someone with great talons. Sadly, it didn't work for me Sx

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  1. It could be down to who and how it was applied?? Not always down to the product. I have shellac on and my friends lasted 3 weeks, mine max 2. Also depends on your nail type!